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More Humane than Human

December 17, 2023 Aaron Smith Season 1 Episode 59
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More Humane than Human
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DECEMBER 17, 2023      AARON SMITH      SEASON 1      EPISODE 59


Have you ever thought about how our media consumption has become a barrier to our active participation in the community? Imagine a day, a week, or even a whole life without media – a provocative thought, right? It behooves us to consider our society's deep reliance on media and its effects. In today's episode, we ponder the possibilities of a world where our energies are invested in fostering positive changes in our communities, rather than being lost in the vortex of consumerism.

After a peek into our media-obsessed culture, we transition into a thoughtful discussion on the essence of charity. Challenging conventional wisdom, we ponder the notion of a society without poverty, inspired by CS Lewis's words. Despite this vision, the importance of continued generosity is stressed, emphasizing the need to give more than we can afford to spare. As we conclude this heartwarming conversation, we leave you with a profound reminder that each one of us is cherished, valuable, and loved. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a life filled with abundant blessings. Tune in for this captivating message as we challenge societal norms and promote a sense of community and generosity.

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You are valued, you are loved, and you are worthy.

Finding Meaning and Purpose Beyond Consumerism
The Importance of Giving and Charity