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June 19, 2022 Aaron Smith Season 1 Episode 29
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JUNE 19, 2022      AARON SMITH      SEASON 1      EPISODE 29



Today, in Episode 29,  we are once again joined by Pete G. for a discussion on The World Economic Forum, its founder, Klaus Schwab, and some of the WEF's goals. We also venture into the ideology that drives its members, by their own admission. The false belief that an elite few are qualified to guide, control, and oversee the entire human race, the environment in which we live, and the aspirations of each individual on the planet is not new. It's called "technocracy"- and it's anti-human.

I need to correct the record regarding a statement I made in this episode about global mortality.  A lack of clean drinking water and associated diseases are a major cause of mortality in the world, but they are not the leading causes. For more in-depth information on global mortality I have included the following links. I always try to make sure I have my facts straight. When I am wrong and made aware of my mistake, I will always correct the record. It's better to be accurate than to simply sound confident!

Clean Drinking Water and Global Mortality:

Yuval Noah Harari:

World Economic Forum links:

Zerohedge Article:

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